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Out Of Hours

Should you need to see a vet urgently outside of our normal opening hours, please contact our deputising service Vets Now

In the event of an out of hours emergency, please phone the Vets Now Emergency Clinics

Vets Now is the UK’s leading provider of Out Of Hours emergency veterinary care at nights, weekends and on all bank holidays, with qualified veterinary surgeons and nurses in clinics to work specifically within emergency and critical care (ECC), similar to the A&E department of a human hospital.

Vets Now not only provide an “on-call” service, but aim to improve the care that you and your animals receive. The service uses permanent emergency night staff who are not also expected to work during the day.

Our local branches are:

Vets Now Ltd c/o Cathcart & Winn
Leyton House Vet Clinic
Hale Road
Farnham Surrey

Tel: 01252 737555

Vets Now Ltd c/o Stocton Veterinary Surgery
Stocton Close
Woodbridge Road
Guildford Surrey

Emergency Tel: 01483 346203

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 7pm – 8.00am
Saturday: 12 noon – Mon 8.00am
All Bank Holidays: day and night

Please note that you may attend either branch, whichever is the more convenient

Our Flat Coated Retriever puppy, Meg, stole a fruit cake on Thursday. We rang up up in a panic and she was seeing vet Beckie within the hour.

I cannot praise the care and attention she received during her two days on an IV having her kidneys flushed and she is now home again causing her usual chaos – fit and well and with no lasting damage.

Thank you so much to the whole team – you were so kind, you didn’t make us feel stupid (for leaving a fruit cake where our kleptomaniac pup could reach it) and Meg seems to have had a blast with you.

Many thanks again.

Heather & David

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