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This little chap is Axel, seen today for his post operative check following emergency surgery yesterday.

Axel had been having intermittant vomiting and diarrhoea over the past couple of weeks but was suddenly poorly over the past 48 hours.

Nurses took an xray of his abdomen which showed that his stomach was stretched out and there appeared to be something stuck.

Tania performed surgery to see what was in his stomach…. lots of rubber cords, string and plastic!! Fortunately the stomach had not ruptured!They were all removed and Axel woke up from surgery as though nothing happened!

Axel is continuing to do well and fingers crossed will not eat things he shouldn’t from now on!

Cat at Waverley Vets
bulldog at Waverley Vets

“Aww are they Hair bobbles my cat is always finding them and playing. I Will have to be more careful to keep a closer eye on him.”

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