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This is Harry- a dog Tania has been treating for a variety of different conditions for the past four years. Harry is on medication for his heart and liver and sensitive gut. He also suffers from the condition ‘atopic dermatitis’ which causes his skin to be itchy all year round and can cause nasty infections in the skin.

Harry is a sensitive soul and unfortunately many of the drugs available to deal with his skin problems have not worked or have not been able to have been used in conjunction with his medications he is on for other conditions.

Fortunately Harry has responded exceptionally well to an injection given monthly to control skin inflammation- because it specifically targets the enzyme pathway in the skin that causes the itching it does not affect other organs in the body so it is perfect for dogs like Harry who have other conditions apart from skin allergies.

Dog Harry at Waverley Vets

It is also means that you are not having to remember to give tablets daily!

Harry has been ‘itch free’ since his first injection and other dogs on this injection are responding just as well as Harry.

If you have an itchy dog make an appointment to discuss how we can help them

“Harry, you are in the best hands…….glad your treatment is working. Enjoy the spring xx”

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