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(Please note that one of the photographs is of surgery which some people may prefer not to look at)

This beautiful greyhound is Polo

Polo came in to see Nicola recently as, despite being very well in herself, her body shape has changed and she had a distended abdomen. Nicola took bloods, which were normal, and booked Polo in for Tania to ultrasound her.

Ultrasound revealed a large mass attached to her spleen. Fortunately the mass had not ruptured but, following further tests to ensure that the general anaesthetic would be as safe as possible, Polo was scheduled for surgery to remove the mass.

Tania performed intricate surgery to remove a huge mass along with the spleen- the mass occupied the whole of the abdomen and was attached to all of the major vessels. Nurse Kelly had to scrub in and help hold the mass in order for Tania to be able to remove it whilst Alice,another of our qualified nurses, monitored the anaesthetic throughout.

After nearly 4 hours of intense surgery the mass was out and weighed 6kg !! (the size of a Jack Russell terrier!)

Polo recovered exceptionally well and came back to see us the following day for her first post operative check( modelling a medical pet shirt very well!). Polo had several further post operative checks and was unphased by the whole experience!

Because some masses on the spleen can be malignant tumours we always send samples of tissue to be analysed by a laboratory to find out what the masses are- we were SO happy when the results confirmed that Polo’s mass, though extensive and had the potential to rupture at any point, was benign (non cancerous) and surgery would prove to have cured her from any complications!

We are elated with the outcome and Polo has been the perfect patient throughout …she has also overcome some of her shyness and is now very keen to take treats from the freezer!

“Thank you Tania, Kelly and Alice for saving our Polo. Your expertise and care throughout has been outstanding. She is now well on the road to recovery, happy and 6kg lighter! Bx”

Greyhound Polo is out star patient at Waverley Vets Godalming
Greyhound Polo is out star patient at Waverley Vets Godalming
Greyhound Polo is out star patient at Waverley Vets Godalming
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