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This is Jasmine who came to see Tania today to be signed off after her emergency surgery last month.

Jasmine was brought down by her owners as she had a wound on her side which was bleeding.
Tania admitted her to investigate the cause and an xray revealed she had been shot!

Tania had to operate quickly as the pellet had penetrated Jasmine’s side, torn through the large blood vessels in her abdomen,so the spleen had to removed, and had also damaged her intestines. After some overnight nursing and repeat check ups, as well as being thoroughly spoilt at home, Jasmine is feeling a lot better!

We are so glad that Jasmine has made a fantastic recovery – she is a very lucky girl.

x-ray of cat's stomach at Waverley vets
cat at Waverley Vets

“Bless her, I’m so pleased she is better thanks to Tania.”

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