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This handsome chap is Sammy who recently came to see us after suffering from a blocked bladder which required intensive treatment and hospitalisation for several weeks.

It was touch and go for a while but Sammy has made a fantastic recovery and should be back to ruling the roost at home asap!

“I can’t speak too highly of or give too many recommendations about everyone at GVS. We took a very sick Sammy in, he was a rescue cat who we had had for 10 years, and we truly thought he wouldn’t be coming home, there was so much sadness in our house and even I had trouble holding back the tears (a big rough tough ex soldier of 20+ years).

But due to the professionalism, love and kindness shown to a Black and White cantankerous, grumpy bundle of fur Sammy is now asleep in my arm chair, still grumpy but so full of life he is like a kitten again jumping and bouncing around the house and we all love him so much. So thank you all so very much.”

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