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Lovely Lola came to see us because she had been vomiting for the past week but was bright in herself up until recently. Lola had taken a turn for the worse and had to be admitted for emergency treatment, x rays and surgery.

X rays showed there was definitely something in her intestines – in the photo you can see a round white object (known as a foreign body) which should not be there!

Tania performed an emergency exploratory laparotomy (abdominal surgery) to remove the foreign body- it was stuck the small intestine which is why Lola had suddenly become very ill. This can be exceptionally dangerous if the intestine ruptures.

An enterotomy (incision into the intestine) was performed and a perfectly round stone was removed! (seen in the photo next to a fob watch for size comparison)

Lola’s surgery was a success and she woke up from her anaesthetic very well and has made a great recovery.

The picture of her was taken yesterday when she came bounding into the surgery much like her normal self!

Hopefully Lola has learnt not to swallow the pebbles at the beach next time!

bulldog at Waverley Vets
bulldog at Waverley Vets
bulldog at Waverley Vets

“Well done Tania!”

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