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Pet Travel Scheme


The Kennel Club
Founded in 1873 and is able to offer dog owners an unparalleled source of information, experience and advice on dog welfare, dog health, dog training and dog breeding.

Dog Lost
Provides assistance in the search for missing dogs.

Dog Theft Action
Promotes the protection, security and welfare of dogs from the threat of dog theft by the provision of advice, information and education.

Pet Blood Bank UK
Pet Blood Bank UK is a not for profit charity which provides a national canine blood bank.

Animal Behaviour

The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors
A network of pet behaviour counsellors working on veterinary referral.

Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Set up in 1995 in order to offer pet owners a guarantee of quality when looking for a training class in their area.

Animal Health

Managing Diabetes
Developed to provide help and support to the owners of diabetic dogs and cats.

Animal Welfare

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
Reunite lost dogs and cats with their owners, care for strays until new homes can be found for them, and educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

Blue Cross

Dogs Trust
Founded in 1891, Dogs Trust, formerly known as the NCDL, has always campaigned on dog-welfare related issues to ensure a safe and happy future for our four-legged friends.

Greyhound Rescue



RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre, Chobham, Surrey
Find new homes for hundreds of unwanted dogs, cats and other small animals
each year.

Assistance & Therapy Animals

Canine Partners
Canine Partners assists disabled people to enjoy greater independence and a better quality of life through the help of specially trained dogs.

DELTA – The Human Animal Health Connection
Aims to improve human health by service and therapy animals.

Dogs For The Disabled
A charity that trains specially selected dogs to carry out a range of practical tasks to assist disabled children and adults in order to achieve greater independence.

Guide Dogs for the Blind
Aims to provide guide dogs, mobility and other rehabilitation services that meet the needs of blind and partially-sighted people.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
A charity that trains dogs to alert severely and profoundly deaf people to sounds they cannot hear such as the alarm clock, baby cry, smoke alarm and many others.

Pets As Therapy
A charity that provides temperament assessed/vaccinated PAT Dogs and PAT Cats with registered volunteers to hospitals, hospices, residential care homes, day centres, special needs schools and many other establishments often providing comfort, companionship and therapy.

Organisations For Small Mammals

British Federation of Ferret Welfares
A national organisation set up solely for the benefit of those running ferret welfare and rescue sanctuaries.

National Chinchilla Society
Aims to encourage and promote the keeping, breeding and showing qualities of chinchillas whilst at all times maintaining good husbandry practices.

National Fancy Rat Society
Aims to promote the propagation, study and exhibition of fancy rats.

National Gerbil Society
A British society for the promotion of Gerbils and Jirds as pets, and exhibition animals.

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